Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Knowing How to Can Rocks!

Knowing how to can rocks!  Learning how to can really opened my eyes to a whole different aspect of cooking and I've learned so much from it.  It also taps into my cheap skate side in that I can take advantage of sales.

Weis was having a huge sale the other day and knowing how to can allowed me to turn this:

Into this:


  1. Do you pressure or boil to can?

  2. Hi Elizabeth!

    The last few years I have only done Boiling Water Bath Canning but this year I am getting myself comfortable with Pressure Canning. I have a post about Pressure Canning coming up in the near future!

    Stay tuned!

  3. I found out that here, bcause of our soil, to can tomatos we're supposed to pressure can and not waterbath. There is a class (held once a year an I missed it for thi year) thatI am going to take about canning. Does your home have a canning room in the basement? In MI we had one that my mom used.
    Iput my comment as anonymous because I ddn't know which to select. I'm Christine, your aunt

    1. Really? I've never heard of that before! Is it because the soil grows tomatoes lacking in acid?

      My home does not have a canning room, unfortunately, I have to do everything in my little kitchen!