Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Empty Jars

I have my blog posts written, generally, two weeks in advance.  I have them planned out much further.  Today I was going to post my general planned blog post but in light of the recent attacks on the Boston Marathon, I have pushed this post earlier.

It just so happened that I was thinking about the lifecycle of jars this weekend and how we come across our jars.  Some jars are bought.  Some jars are given.  Some jars are found while scouring thrift stores, antique stores, and yard sales.  When you become a canner, jars become a sacred place in your kitchen; they hold life!  They hold something that sustains you and your family. 

With a lot of love, care, and hard work, we fill these jars with many delicious concoctions.  One feels pride when one is done canning a batch of deliciousness and a twinge of sadness when a jar empties.  Only for the jar to be cleaned and filled again with another concoction.

These concoctions are used to celebrate the good times and to soothe a broken heart during the bad times.

With the attack at the Boston Marathon, it may feel like your heart is broken and may never heal.  Some lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, and sons and their hearts will never completely heal.

Nothing I can say will make anything "better" and I really am at a loss for words about the tradegy.  Our officials are working tirelessly to figure out what happened and who did it. 

The attack on the Boston Marathon reminds us that we are all human and in the rush that is everyday life, sometimes we need to remember to slow down and enjoy each other.  Sit together around the dinner table, have a picnic in the sun, or have some drinks on the porch. Say hello to your neighbor and have a conversation with the kid from down the street that is always bugging you.  When you go to sleep, remember to hug and kiss your loved ones and vow to make the next day better than the last...

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